Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Drew loves to color and we've been working on the fact that we don't eat the crayons! I thought we were doing good because he hadn't put any in his mouth for a while now. Well, today I ran out to get the mail and came back to this...

I wish you could see his face better because there is remnants of crayon all over and even stuck in his teeth. I asked him if he put the crayons in his mouth and at first he said No! I asked him again and told him to tell the truth and he said "I did like this..."
So, lesson learned...He stills eats crayons (at least they are non-toxic) and he told the truth!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Nursery Bedding....

After much deliberation...and many sighs from Brad I finally picked the baby's bedding. I love it!! I really wanted something that was totally different from Drew's. He had blue and green and I'm going to do orange and brown for this one. I'm focusing on the theme "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" and found the cutest vinyl wall art to hang above the baby's crib.

GUILT..and gumballs....

I've been experiencing tremendous guilt over the things that I did for Drew to document the pregnancy and journey through it. They always say the second baby doesn't get near as much and I planned on proving that theory wrong BUT I haven't! I've been horrible taking pictures and writing in my journal for this baby, which we can call "monkey" because at this rate this poor baby won't have a name when he starts kindergarten. That's a whole other issue, though! So, here is the first belly pic I have at 18 weeks.

The other night we went to dinner and Drew was begging for a gumball out of the machine. He didn't know that it was candy, just thought it was a ball. Anything that resembles a ball gets a thrill out of this kid! So, as bribes do work I told him as long as he ate good and sat in his seat the whole time we would get a 'ball'. He talked all through dinner about how he was going to throw it down, throw it to daddy, bounce it, etc. So, as soon as dinner was over he ran to the gumball machine and asked for a ball. We got him one and he threw it and bounced it just like he said he was.

In the car, Brad and I were laughing because he didn't realize it was candy....or so we thought!! This is what I saw when I opened up the back door to get him out of the car. It was a purple gumball in case you can't tell. He realized it was candy and LOVED IT!! So now, when we see gumball machines he feels like he HAS to have one!


So, I'm jumping on the band wagon of blogging! My mom has 2, my brother has 2, my sister-in-laws have them, etc. I can't resist anymore! Not that I think my life is interesting in the least but it will give my family a way to keep up with our daily life.