Sunday, June 14, 2009

In the life of a little boy...

We are working on potty training and he's really getting the hang of things...and this definitely proved that he understood the concept!

I was doing the dishes in the kitchen and I heard Drew say "I did it! I went potty!" I knew that this couldn't be the case because the potty was in the bathroom and he couldn't open the door. So, I thought great...where did you pee on the floor? And anyone knows that potty training a kid is the same as potty training a dog. I feel like I need those pads down all over. Anyway, He showed me where he pottied and how he did it!! I was laughing soooo hard I barely got my camera in time to get this priceless picture. So, I guess anything that might catch his tee tee can be a potty! :)

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