Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Orleans...May 21-25....Picture overload!!

We went to New Orleans for memorial day weekend. It was to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary and Brad's 26th Birthday! We left early in the morning and drove and we had a blast in the car. I was worried driving all that way with a 2 yr old but he was wonderful!

We stopped at IHOP on the way to eat breakfast and Drew insisted on drinking his juice out of a little creamer cup. I thought it was hilarious. Look at that little pinkie sticking up! :) haha! Going to dinner...right when we got there. I couldn't wait to eat some boiled crawfish. YUM!
Letting Drew try crawfish for the first time... Note: I do know this is not the correct way to eat them :) but I couldn't convince Drew.

Blowing on it because it was 'hot'...
'eating' it his way....
I'm not thinking he liked it....
drinking as fast and hard as he could...That was the last crawfish he tried!
Sharing some lemonade in Jackson square...

We went to the French Market and Drew HAD to have these beads with the 'hootballs' on them....And he had been asking for 'sungasses' too for a long time....I love how he picked up the mirror to check himself out!
And for anyone out there with a 2yr old you know how hard it is to get them to nap, add in broken routine, not in his bed, and sugar and this is what you get.....a 2yr old smothering you with a pillow calling it 'peek-a-boo'
He would cover my head...Then, get on top of the pillow on my head... Then, hold it down until the time was just right.... And, pull it up screaming 'peek-a-boo' at me! Pretty entertaining for Drew, not so much for his suffocating mother. And you may wonder where Brad is or how he's helping....he's laughing as hard as he possibly can and then decided to take pictures because it was soooo funny! :)
We went on a carriage ride. Drew loves 'forsies'.
Watching the boats on the water...

We went to the aquarium and he was so interested in this HUGE white alligator...They fed the stingrays for us...and broccoli....who knew?!?!
We went to Brad's Favorite restaurant on his birthday and they had a live jazz band. Drew loved dancing on the street to the music....
And instead of a fancy dessert at the fancy restaurant we went to...Brad wanted Beignets. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!!!
We had an absolute blast on this trip! It was such a nice getaway!

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